Al Ghaliyah 2019 3 Grams - kimax v vial

Al Ghaliyah 2019 3 Grams - kimax v vial

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Ever since 2016, KZ has been making and releasing an Al-Ghaliyah annually. the name as translated : means "Fragrant", "Beloved", "Precious" and inevitably also can be translated as "expensive". 

In my long term vision, my Al-Ghaliyah must be so fragrant that it is a scent that one would constantly revisit it, the scent of it so beloved that it would help one find solace and relief from stress and troubles, and yet so precious, that you would think twice when finishing it up or giving it away. As the years go by, I would constantly want to craft my Al-ghaliyah to achieve a price point that will never be seen to be "expensive" nor too expensive for many to afford and use. 

So in Al-Ghaliyah 2019, what is different in this year's version? The first thing is the musk used, it uses the same type of musk as per 2016, vintage tonquin musk, I was fortunate to be able to procure some when I was going around hunting old chinese medicines (which is another hobby of mine!). I did not have the same luck in 2017/2018 so 2018 was predominantly using siberian musk. 

Secondly, the sandalwood oil used, is an aged mysore santalum album procured from a high end supplier, this oil would easily cost many tens of dollars per mililitre if sold on the retail market, but at whole sale , despite not taking the full kilogram to get the best price benefits, i took a 10 tola small batch with the agreement to use it for perfumery and not resell it neat. The "seller" was worried about the market and his other collaborators being affected if i were to resell this oil for "cheap" unless i took a huge bulk to qualify as a higher tier customer of his. so much complicated business "strategies" in the real world, and i'm happy to be always continually learning about these things. 

The marriage of tonquin musk into the sandalwood as the first step to building this perfume took a different method. Due to the musk scarcity and wanting it to be best macerated into the oil, i borrowed a friend's high powered 132 kilohertz ultrasonic process in his factory overseas (where it is used for cleaning metal parts), it was risky as it would be the greatest disaster if the vessel broke in the "wash line", resulting in me losing my materials, and a nightmare for my friend to clean up his production line, but with careful planning and contingencies set in place, it was carried out... and worked like magic. partly because tonquin macerates much better than siberian, and vintage macerates even better. the 132kilohertz intense cavitation is way superior to other accessible versions i.e. in singapore in the lab we only have max 20khz/40khz low wattage processes which is not efficient at all. to this end, we get a beautiful reddish hue to the oil, and there are ultra fine particles of musk inside, and different from prior years musk where i would leave some musk grains at the bottom of the vial, this year's oil has micron to nano level musk floating as a suspension in the oil, and a good degree of musk "dissolved" into the oil, half the musk disappeared into solution after the sonic process. 

Building up on this base, with trials on formulating and reformulating with myriad of ingredients from various continents,ambergris, florals... some were purchased, many others were gifts, like an "imperial" grade saffron that a friend gave only 3 grams of, such beautiful scent.. and such a beautiful colour...

and the project came to a grinding halt when I couldnt find more of the oud to go into the mix. a small gifted bottle of vintage hindi that went into stabilize the mix was so tranquil and deep, wizen, rich, honeyed, leathery, dried berries with almost no barn traces from the age, but it was not enough, I had only 3 grams, and I needed at least 24 grams. without a chance to obtain more of this vintage hindi,  and not wanting to revisit or reuse the oud types that I used in the last years, it was another eight months of slowly sniffing ouds before I encountered an oud that i thought would be the right magical one for Al ghaliyah 2019. .. it was at a gathering where a friend handed me an oud that he had brought back after visiting a distiller overseas, I unscrewed the golden metal cap, took a deep whiff and knew this was it. so two tolas later, completion was achieved. 

with quite a few frantic emails enquiring about Al-Ghaliyah 2019 over the past year, my apologies for the long wait. The Al-Ghaliyah project was almost like flowing water from higher ground to lower grounds, there is a natural path.. process.. journey and no timeline to it. If it couldnt reach the point to which i deem it "perfect" and "ready", nothing would be released, and it might be Al-Ghaliyah 2020 instead. 

all in all the 2019 Al-Ghaliyah project costed more than $4K to produce just over 100++ ml. You can do the math, two tolas of good oud, 10 tolas of vintage mysore sandalwood, vintage tonquin musk, taif rose, persian rose otto, ambergris, and many other more ingredients. so lets say its cost is at $40/ml. ive decided to retail at $55/ml which i hope is more than reasonable. (of which 5% will go towards fees and exchange rate/remittance losses). 

There are two packaging options this year. 

3grams into a Chromacol Glass Vial will be $165 USD before shipping

3 grams into a Kimax V Vial will be $180 USD before shipping (15 for the vial)

This posting/order page is for the Wheaton vial Version