The KZ Iconic Classics Kit Set
The KZ Iconic Classics Kit Set

The KZ Iconic Classics Kit Set

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 The Iconic Classic Kit set is made up of mostly blended incenses, and one pure aloeswood incense from Ambon. These are some of the most well conceived and crafted recipes in my repertoire, and i was happy to be able to reproduce them and have some of them excel over their earlier versions. I would like to apololgize that there might be a real shortage in quantity of these kits as i generally could only produce max 100g+ per blend due to tediousness in ingredient preparation and processing. 

Together with this kit, is a special insert that has the narratives of the imageries that i had in mind, when these recipes were crafted and refined. These narratives are different from the incense descriptions below

This will ship out on the 22nd of August upon order. Limited to 1 per person/order. 

Ambon Monkoh 3 grams

This is an incense that is made out of ambon heartwood materials, and produced using methods that i had developed that allow these sticks to burn at monkoh temperatures. Due to the high resin content and also the method of making, if the weather is cold or too humid, the stick may sometimes extinguish itself. In all other conditions, this incense presents itself with beautiful, oudy monkoh smoke. 

Enko 3 grams

Made from the remaining ingredients stash that I had gotten from Chop Tye Ah, and this is the last amounts. this incense contains mandarin peels that were dry aged over 25 years. 

Gandhasara 3 grams

This incense is made from a recipe that is reconstructed from a poem in gangadara's Gandhasara, an 11th Century book on perfumery and incense in india. Utilizing some methods that are mentioned in Gandhasara, this incense aims to present to you a historial snapshot on how scents were like over a thousand years ago. 

Al-Ghaliyah 3 grams

What more to be said about a dark, delightful, rich incense that is reminiscent of long arabian nights.....apart from the core ingredient powder blend, this stick was also blended with the musk residues from alghaliyah 2018

Myojyu 3 grams

the 14th generation of this recipe... warming to the core and benefitting the digestive system very well :) 

Unknown Fragrance 3 grams

Mysterious, mysterious incense... it was a fun stick to create, as it weaves in and out on its profile..... leaving it up to your perception and imagination...