Monkoh Set 2019

Monkoh Set 2019

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One Set per person only! >.< 

This Monkoh Set took a while to put together, and the perspective here is not the amount of wood, nor the color, nor the density (although most of the woods are well resinated and beyond) etc, but more on the "scent profile" which should be the epitome of emphasis in any wood kit sets. The set will come with an "insert" which is an A4 sized sheet with further descriptions on each of the woods and the profile/what to expect. It is an educational/instructional kit set that is designed for use for Mon-koh usage, that is small pieces, rice grain sized, on gentle heating for its proper scent development. In some way such "sets" are considerably "treasures" to me.. as personally i view it as something that can be passed on from generation to generation.. if one doesnt use them up! 

Typical amounts to be heated each time can range from 10-20milligrams for small amounts depending on your usage style, and one of the most convenient burners to use with this set is the Shoyeido Kodutu Heater which i highly recommend! (it is $97 or 9700 yen in japan/rakuten/kohgen/etc). alternatively, heating on electric heatings or kodo style is also good :D 

Please consider this purchase carefully as it is absolutely no obligation to purchase at all, and do let me know if you pass on this, so that I can re-offer to the next in queue.. there is a growing wait list right now as all the sets have been allocated to pre-orders

do decide on your order by the 18th of April 2019 11pm. All orders will be prepared and packed and shipped out in the week of 22nd April-26 April, with tracking number. 

Do not purchase this set if you did not receive the link and message from me as it will mess up the pre-order list! Orders that are outside of my pre-order list will be cancelled.. I did not arrange for password encryption for the purchase page for the convenience of everyone.  

The contents are all of heartwoods that are left over from spinning beads : 

Ambon - 3 grams small medium chunks

Jayapura Tigerwood - 2 grams - small medium chunks

Sulawesi Cumingiana - 3 grams - small chunks

Old Tarakan - 3 grams - small chunks chips

Malinau - 2.5 grams - small medium chunks

Brunei Premium - 1 gram - pendant carving shavings

Malaysia Tigerwood - 1 gram - small medium chunks

West Malaysia - 1 gram - small medium chunks

Premium Brunei #2 -  one small chip

Vietnam Fusen Red Soil = one rice grain