Wu Shuang Ge 百纳 Baina
Wu Shuang Ge 百纳 Baina
Wu Shuang Ge 百纳 Baina

Wu Shuang Ge 百纳 Baina

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We had requested from Wu Shuang Ge again one of the best value for money incenses made from wild fragrant woods.

This incense is called Baina, which was once used to describe a musical instrument, which was made from over a hundred pieces of wood pieced together. It was extremely beautiful and had a lovely sound.

In this incense, Wu Shuang Ge has used all their bead spinning dust, from Kalimantan, Brunei, Tarakan, with some Vietnamese oud added to tune the fragrance. It also contains some percentage of top quality Bruneian material that some would call "brunei ""ky-nam""... With oud scarcity and inflation in prices over the years, this is an incense that packs a great southern region bitter sweet woody profile. Just light the incense on one end and you will have continuous stream of complex oud smoke coming from it. Great for fumigation.

Comes as a refill pack in a paper tube. The paper tubes are variable in colour of red, green or blue for this batch, but contain the same incense. 5 grams per tube.